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At Exotique you can find a diversified collection of armchairs: textile and leather armchairs in any style and color.
Choose the armchair that suits you!

-50% Fotolii DONELLA Armchair textile DONELLA Armchair textile 1.890,00 RON 945,00 RON -40% Fotolii Lucretia-2 Armchair Lucretia-2 Armchair 1.890,00 RON 1.134,00 RON -40% Fotolii LUCRETIA Armchair LUCRETIA Armchair 1.950,00 RON 1.170,00 RON -50% Fotolii  SAGEN BLUE  Armchair textile SAGEN BLUE Armchair textile 2.350,00 RON 1.175,00 RON -30% Fotolii TAWNY  Armchair textile TAWNY Armchair textile 1.750,00 RON 1.225,00 RON -30% Fotolii Milari Armchair Milari Armchair 2.150,00 RON 1.505,00 RON -30% Fotolii ISABEL Textile armchair ISABEL Textile armchair 2.150,00 RON 1.505,00 RON -30% Fotolii EMPIRE Armchair textile EMPIRE Armchair textile 2.250,00 RON 1.575,00 RON -30% Fotolii PUTTY Armchair textile PUTTY Armchair textile 2.350,00 RON 1.645,00 RON -30% Fotolii Juniper Armchair Juniper Armchair 2.450,00 RON 1.715,00 RON -30% Fotolii AMBER Armchair textile AMBER Armchair textile 2.490,00 RON 1.743,00 RON -30% Fotolii Berwick Armchair Berwick Armchair 2.500,00 RON 1.750,00 RON -30% Fotolii ALENYA Armachair textile ALENYA Armachair textile 2.500,00 RON 1.750,00 RON -35% Fotolii Lucerne Armchair Lucerne Armchair 2.750,00 RON 1.787,50 RON -30% Fotolii HINDELL Armchair textile HINDELL Armchair textile 2.750,00 RON 1.925,00 RON Fotolii MANIS BLUE armchair MANIS BLUE armchair 1.950,00 RON Fotolii MANIS CREAM armchair MANIS CREAM armchair 1.950,00 RON -50% Fotolii  SAGEN RED Armchair textile SAGEN RED Armchair textile 2.350,00 RON 1.175,00 RON -30% Fotolii Bourgogne Armchair Bourgogne Armchair 3.490,00 RON 2.443,00 RON Fotolii Armchair JIM Armchair JIM 2.550,00 RON -30% Fotolii STATES Armchair STATES Armchair 3.700,00 RON 2.590,00 RON -30% Fotolii Armchair HIGHBURY Marsala Armchair HIGHBURY Marsala 3.700,00 RON 2.590,00 RON Fotolii Armchair SANGKIR Armchair SANGKIR 2.650,00 RON Fotolii Armchair TIMOR Armchair TIMOR 2.690,00 RON Fotolii Armchair PANAMPU Armchair PANAMPU 2.990,00 RON Fotolii Armchair SINJAI Armchair SINJAI 3.350,00 RON -30% Fotolii Armchair Black Maroon Armchair Black Maroon 3.500,00 RON 2.450,00 RON Fotolii CONCH leather Armchair CONCH leather Armchair 3.900,00 RON Fotolii Armchair William Armchair William 3.990,00 RON Fotolii Armchair Keeble Wing Armchair Keeble Wing 4.200,00 RON Fotolii Armchair vintage leather SANDRINGHAM Armchair vintage leather SANDRINGHAM 4.750,00 RON Fotolii ROBINSON vintage leather desk chair ROBINSON vintage leather desk chair 4.950,00 RON Fotolii HAROLD vintage leather Armchair HAROLD vintage leather Armchair 4.950,00 RON Fotolii JAMESON vintage leather Armchair JAMESON vintage leather Armchair 5.100,00 RON Fotolii ANDERSON Vintage leather Armchair ANDERSON Vintage leather Armchair 5.500,00 RON Fotolii BALMORAL vintage leather armchair BALMORAL vintage leather armchair 6.300,00 RON Fotolii CARMEL vintage leather Armchair CARMEL vintage leather Armchair 6.990,00 RON Fotolii WHISKY vintage leather armchair WHISKY vintage leather armchair 7.850,00 RON Fotolii CHESTERFIELD Vintage armchair CHESTERFIELD Vintage armchair 7.900,00 RON
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